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What is SEO?

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SEO Victoria BC

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has come to describe all the the techniques and processes used to get a website ranked as highly as possible on the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. CLICK HERE to see the market share of each of the major search engines.

There are two main areas of SEO – on-page and off-page. On-page SEO essentially boils down to creating content on your website that will signal to the SE’s (Search Engines) that this is content consistent with an expert in the field that the searcher is seeking. The signals sent to the SE’s are continually shifting and changing and is one of the main reasons that continual and ongoing SEO work is necessary. Beyond the content presented, the way in which it is presented is essential and only expert experience and ongoing professional development can ensure that your site is ranking as highly as it can.

Off-page SEO encompasses all processes that indicate to the SE’s your website’s expertise in a particular niche that occur ‘off’ your website. This can include everything from social media mentions of your brand to Google reviews of your business to links to your website from other reputable websites. This is where the real ongoing work comes in as attracting links from other websites is labour intensive and time consuming.

Make no mistake. SEO must be carried out on an ongoing basis. The algorithms that drive Search Engine results will penalize a site that suddenly stops attracting steady attention from the internet. It is a sure sign that the attention it previously attracted was not ‘organic’.

Monthly SEO Packages

for new businesses

Local Starter


5 Key Phrases

60 each

On-Page Optimization

Ongoing Link Building


for ongoing businesses

Local Pro


10 Key Phrases

50 each

On-Page Optimization

Ongoing Link Building



Social Media


Facebook Twitter Instagram G+

Professionally Written

Custom Graphics

Up To 4 Platforms





Reply To Every Review

Monitor Online Mentions of Your Business

Control your brand’s online message



Social Media Management

  • SMM takes all (or most) of the effort off your hands with respect to portraying your business on social media.

    I work with you and your team to create original, professionally written content featuring custom graphics and branded materials.

  • Engaging online with your customers and potential customers has become an essential marketing tool for many small local businesses.
    More and more the Search Engines are looking to social media engagement as an indicator of a business’ involvement in their community. Your SE rankings will be more tied to your social media presence in the coming months and years.
  • You pay one flat monthly fee and get a lot more than my competition is offering for the price.

    Two posts per week on up to 4 social media platforms of your choice. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+. Professionally written with custom branded graphics

  • Direct Messages? Answered or passed on to you for input.

    Your brand commenting on others posts, reposting, sharing and retweeting. This encourages the same behaviour in return. Do you ‘like’ each comment on your Facebook posts? You soon will!

1 Full Service Client in each area of business


Why Local SEO for Victoria?

Because you are a local business. Paying to chase rankings for general search terms like ‘Plumbing Company’ is a waste when you only want to be found in Victoria, Saskatoon, or London.

Local SEO is now absolutely essential for a young start-up business, a tradesperson with tools and a truck, or a well-established icon in the local business community. Just have a look at the story of my client 2 Burley Men Moving Ltd. [url] Your potential new customers are looking for your goods or services online with their favourite search engine. You may very well be the best in your business, but if you don’t pop up for a range of searches on Google, you simply don’t exist in the eyes of that customer.

When looking for a plumber for instance, people don’t just type in ‘plumber’. They may try 3 or more different searches like ‘plumber in victoria bc’ and then ‘best victoria plumber’ and then inexpensive 24 hour plumber victoria’. If your plumbing service catches their eye in the top 3-5 results in each of those searches you are highly likely to get an email or a phone call. Moreover, if your business listing pops up with a dozen or more reviews along with your web address and email all the better!

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