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sem Nanaimo

sem Nanaimo

What Human Factors Are in an Seo Website Audit?

At 123 Marketing, we include a human factor in all of our seo website audits. After we run four computer generated reports, we also have a real live person in Nanaimo, BC go through a list of checks and inspections such as whether the site is tracked by Google Analytics, the user experience of the guests on the website and over “gutcheck” while viewing the site. Search engines are becoming smarter and ensuring that the user experience is positive, is hard to quantify and rate, but is becoming a huge factor in seo algorithms.

Is Social Media Marketing part of Search Engine Marketing?

Yes, social media marketing typically involves traditional follower-based and content driven approaches where users agree to receive updates from a page that is handled by someone from the agency or in-house company representative. SMM also includes pay per click options from Facebook, Google, Bing, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms. Every time a user clicks your ad, you are subject to a fee. The fee is determined through an auction between you and your competitors who are interested in the same leads. Your budgets are set on a monthly basis and are flexible between time of days and other customizations.

How Much Does Pay-Per-Click Cost?

This service involves a set up fee where we configure your account to keyword preferences and other options. We also create content and do a/b testing so that your results are improving over time. From there we work with removing negative keywords or negs once a week so that you are not paying for clicks that aren’t delivering. Your budget can be anything from $100 per month but typically $10 a day is needed to see any kind of results that justify the set up and maintenance costs.

sem Nanaimo
sem Nanaimo
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