Creating Local Business Success Stories

With a stable of long-term local Victoria brands like 2 Burley Men Moving and Tower Fence Products, I have been perfecting a system of search engine optimization targeted directly at small and medium businesses as well as local trades people in Victoria for over 10 years. I have spent countless hours, weeks, months, and years running experiments, studying, taking classes, and learning what works and what does not when it comes to ranking local businesses on Google and Bing.

I created Online Management Services as a holistic approach to your business’ online presence. Because all aspects of your online presence play a role in driving your website up the search engine rankings for particular key phrases.

What are Local Key Phrases?

The old term was key words. Today, one or two words are often too specific for most searchers. When we focus on key phrases we can pick up local consumers who are searching for more specific, and more local, goods and services. For instance, a key word is ‘fence’. The local version might be ‘fence victoria’. More likely, someone might search for ‘expert wood fence installer Victoria’, or ‘chain link fence manufacturer in Victoria’. These ‘long-tail’ key phrases encompass the shorter key words, but also draw it out and create a much more specific search which Google specializes in.

Adjacent to the Key Phrases

Latent Semantic Indexing is a key driver in the development of local search engine optimization. In other words the SE’s aren’t just being driven by hammering your specific key phrase over and over. The web crawlers recognize context and language to a degree only dreamt about just a few years ago. They read your article or page and decide what it’s subject matter is, and what key terms on that page ought to be ranked. One of the most important factors at play in designing a local SEO¬†campaign is the ability to leverage the power of the written word to attract the attention of potential customers and in turn the search engines.

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Your Local SEO Victoria Specialist

Online Management Services grew out of a desire to help local Victoria businesses achieve their goals. The most common goal is to increase the bottom line. No surprise there! The most effective way to do this for most local businesses and trades people is online marketing. A well-rounded online presence is the way forward in online marketing and most people do not have the time or expertise to pour into this aspect of their business.

The focus for a local business is different in some key ways to those of a large regional or national business. Without giving away too many of my trade secrets I’ll provide an overview here of my tried and true system for ranking local Victoria businesses at or near the top of the search engine results for dozens of local key phrases.

Website and Content Creation

Once we have agreed on the 5 or 10 key phrases to target, I get to work creating professional, long-form content to support those key phrases. The website itself can be created from the ground up to support those chosen local key terms if my client chooses to renew or refresh their website as a part of their Online Management Services package. Of course there is a whole host of preparation to take care of along-side the creation of the website and content. From registering with the major search engines to creating business listings and Maps listings there are dozens of foundational tasks to take care of before the launch of a new website.

Local Social Media Activity

Like most other local SEO Victoria tasks, my clients find that they’re too busy earning a living and running their business to post to their social media accounts on a consistent basis. Social media engagement with your local community is an essential indicator to Google that you are the local expert in your field. If you always intend to post to your social media accounts but find that you never do, my social media management victoria package is just the right thing for you.

Creating External Local Signals

Local citations are an essential part of showing Google that your business is local, that it’s legitimate, and that other local businesses are confirming your local business information. Your NAP – or Name Address Phone Number – needs to be consistent across the entire internet. I have a list of the best, most effective places to place your local business citations and the best schedule upon which to release them.

On-Page Signals

Your NAP should be prominent on your own website as well. This is just one of the dozens of on-page signals that need to be sent to the search engines in order to drive your rankings higher. Long form articles specifically targeted to each of your chosen key phrases are also essential and this is where the majority of your on-page signals will reside. Just the right balance of key phrases, related semantic phrases, and other proprietary techniques that the SE’s really respond to.

Link Signals

One of the toughest things to overcome for local business SEO¬†is how does a local Victoria business attract links from all over to their site? There are plenty of ‘black-hat’ or ‘grey-hat’ techniques that you can get on the cheap. These systems soon show their faults and can ultimately cause your site to be penalized and even banned from the Google rankings altogether. So what’s a local baker or dentist to do? Hire Online Management Services! I have exclusive access in the Victoria market to a network pool of other similar businesses in other local markets. You will link to some of them, and others will link back to you. This method is totally ‘white hat’. It’s just members of the same business community recommending a similar business in another market. Doing so has many of my clients pinned to the top of the organic search results for the long term.