What Is Internet Marketing?

The days of Yellow Pages ads are long gone. Offline advertising can still be very effective but remains the sole domain of large companies and corporations for the most part. Internet Marketing, or online marketing has grown up so much over the past few years that ‘offline’ marketing really has trouble competing.

Online Management Services has carved out a niche in the Victoria market serving small and medium sized local businesses as well as trades people – my expert internet marketing services are targeted at:

  • plumbers
  • auto mechanics
  • massage therapists
  • builders
  • electricians
  • movers
  • painters
  • roofers
  • window cleaners
  • skin care clinics
  • fencing contractors

MY clients require a very targeted marketing campaign that is effective, but above all affordable. The days of buying a display ad in the Yellow Pages for hundreds or thousands of dollars a year and forgetting about it are long gone. Your customers are searching for your products and services but they’re looking on the internet. Current statistics show that Google owns about 90% of the search market worldwide. That means that your internet marketing campaign should focus exclusively on Google at least as it pertains to web searches. When it comes to social media marketing, that is paid ads on social media, Facebook continues to be a massive force and Instagram is not far behind and owns the younger audience.

internet marketing victoria

Internet Marketing Victoria

Internet marketing on a local level is the only way to go for small business or trades people working in the Victoria area. At Online Management Services I bring a multi-faceted approach to bare on my client’s internet marketing campaigns.

Organic SEO

Pairing cutting edge on-page SEO strategies with a priority member’s system for attracting in-bound links from related businesses has been a winfall for many of my clients. Tower Fence Products pretty much owns the top Google positions for dozens of search results related to fencing contractors all over Vancouver Island using these techniques.

The best strategy for internet marketing Victoria customers¬†for ongoing long-term stability in online lead generation is organic SEO. Studies show that when people search the internet for a local business it is the organic results that they trust the most. People generally tend to do two or three searches related to the product or servcie that they’re looking for before deciding whos website to visit. If your business shows up at or near the top of the results in all of these different searches you are very likely to have a brand new website visitor and maybe even a new customer.
Learn more about local target organic SEO services here.

Paid Search Ads

Even the wealthiest businesses cannot own the number one spot on the organic Google search results for every search phrase. This is where paid search ads come in. They can be used to buffer your organic search results and to add to them. In the same way that internet searchers look for the top organic results in a number of different related searches – the appearance of a featured paid ad alongside your organic results is very effective. Besides, having an ad for your business pop up when someone searches for your competitor’s business is just so satisfying.
OMS offers the best rates for managing your Google Adwords campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Yes. It is easy and economical to have an ad for your business show up on your potential customer’s Facebook timeline. Facebook offers the kind of laser targeting for your ads that old fashioned print publications never even dreamed of. Choose who to target: In Victoria only? No problem. Widen to all of Southern Vancouver Island? You can do that too. Choose gender, age, interests and more. This means that each dollar you budget for your Facebook Ad has the maximum chance of being seen by someone who will take action because of it.
Online Management Services manages dynamic social media campaigns for clients in Victoria.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are much the same as Facebook Ads. Of course, if your target audience is under 30 this is really the place you need to be. While some over 30’s are on both Facebook and Instagram the same holds true for the under 30’s. Some may be on both Instagram and Facebook, but if you want to make sure to catch them you need to be promoting your business on Instagram.

Social Media Management

Most people starting a business or running a one-person or small business are too busy actualy doing the work they’re being paid to do to worry about taking nice photos and posting about their business of Facebook. Creating a social community around your business has become an essential part of the way that you communicate and interact with both your customers and potential customers. Social engagement is also becoming increasingly essential to how Google sees your business and ranks you in their search results.

I will collaborate with you and your employees to post twice per week to your various social media accounts with professionally written posts featuring custom branded graphics. I will also sporadically ‘like’ and share posts by others in your social networks and like and respond to comments left on your posts. Just set it up with me and get back to what you do best!

Reputation Management

Reputation management is closely associated with social media management but requires a whole different skill set. Once your business is visible online, it can invite both positive and negative reaction. It is important to be seen to engage with both sides of this coin. How your business reacts and responds to negative reviews will define your brand in the eyes of many who read your reactions. Take the emotion out of your interactions with upset customers and let me be the ‘voice’ of your customer service department. The best money you’ll ever spend!
Learn more about reputation management here.