Local Pay Per Click Ad Management Victoria BC

Your local Victoria business is likely missing an essential marketing element. While your SEO campaign has your local Google rankings running up the rankings providing plenty of ‘free’ sales leads and calls and emails from potential customers, you need to bolster that with some paid advertising.

You may have contacted, or been contacted by, some of the big players in the PPC Google AdWords space. Yellow Pages Group are one of the biggest players in the game and you were likely floored by how much you’d have to pay on top of your PPC ad budget in order to have them ‘manage’ your ads.

The Truth About Google AdWords Management Victoria Campaigns

The truth is that setting up and maintaining your PPC ad campaign is not as complex and labour intensive as the big companies would like you to think. Yes, the setup is time consuming and takes a great deal of experience and expertise to do correctly. However, the ongoing maintenance is less so. Online Management Services takes a bit of a loss when setting up your campaign, but slowly makes it up over the life of the campaign when maintenance takes skill, but less time.

The big companies tend to charge you 20% of your ad budget in order to set up and maintain the campaign. Once your ad budget exceeds $10,000 per month, they often will drop the fee to 15%. Not many local Victoria companies have an extra 10 grand a month between the sofa cushions to spend on a Google AdWords campaign. What I do is offer that 15% fee from the first dollar spent. I have clients who focus on one key term and budget just $200 per month for their Google AdWords campaign. That’s a total spend of just $230 per month including management fees. You can’t beat that.

Of course, the most effective course of action is to incorporate not just Google AdWords into your paid campaigns but also Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads as well. Check out this article on how to work out how much a small local business should be spending on marketing [LINK].

google adwords management victoria

What’s Involved In Your Google AdWords Campaign Management?

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  • Keyword and Key Phrase Research
  • Ceating Ad Groups
  • Creation Of Ad Text
  • Paid Ad Budget Analysis
  • Setup Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Code
  • Creation Of Search Network Campaign
  • Implimentation Of Geo-Targeting (local location only ads)
  • Setup Of Google Analytics
  • Linking Google Analytics and Google AdWords
  • Setup and Implimentation Of Google Analytics Tracking Code