Calgary Web Design

Calgary Web Design

Regarding web design, everyone wants to create a useful website that attracts potential customers. Once a customer is browsing your website, you want a website that will engage them. Therefore, a website truly excels when it has the best design. Here, we’ll dive into the top tips for the best web design.

Keep it Focused and Minimal

Having a minimalist web design is excellent. By removing excessive features from your website and adding lots of white space, you will eradicate distractions and keep your website users focused on the message you want to share. Simple, bold highlights and color palettes can guide the user’s eye. So, as the world move to mobile, minimalist website designs are suited to smaller screens. When you eliminate unnecessary features, you will find that you can still get your message across to your customers.

Eye-Catching Imagery

The images and illustrations on your web pages must be compelling and wow your visitors. While visuals help share messages better, quality images bring more significant benefits. Images complete the user experience, convert leads better and minimize bounce rates aside from improving website quality. Use pictures of people as they have a more emotional impact.

Easy to Navigate

Having an easy-to-navigate website is helpful, especially when the website contains a lot of information and data. Your website should be easy for a user to get their desired point. You must have a clickable link to every product and service you have in store. The images of the products or services you offer must have links that direct customers to their information. These are a part of the Call-To-Action buttons (CTA). Clicking on these buttons performs the actions they specify to do.

Use Brand Colors

Using brand colors helps embed your products and services in the customer’s mind, making content easier to read and permitting better message absorption. Try to know the benefits of colors and match them with your brand. Set your colors from the start. Apply your brand colors and logos on the background. After that, test how your brand colors look on different devices.

Mobile Optimization

More than half of the world’s Internet traffic is generated from smartphones. Most users prefer smartphones for surfing the Internet because a smartphone can be used anywhere. Thus you can browse the website you want anytime. Therefore, the comfort of mobile users must be kept in mind when creating your website. So, your website must be mobile-friendly for users to access. Google also honors websites that are mobile-friendly.

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Great web design requires attention to detail. Here at Monolith Solutions, we specialize in creating engaging and attractive websites that combine form and function. We offer innovative and smart services when it comes to Calgary web design and brand building. Our objective is to create an excellent user experience that drives conversions. Contact us today at 1-800-637-5090 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help improve your website!

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